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Writing Group Procedure

Quick Summary We are going to work through the book Steering the Craft. Each month we will tackle a different exercise, and this will require you to do some reading, some prewriting, and some prereading of other people’s writing so we can effectively use our time for critique and an additional writing exercise in the hour allotted. This type of session, with reading and prework, will only be one of the weekly meetings a month....

Shut up and Write

Nanowrimo is over, and like thousands of other people, you didn’t hit the 50,000 word count this year, you didn’t hit it last year, or any other year that you attempted it. This may be your first time, or your last time because you are fed up. I am exactly the same way, but I managed to succeed this year. This year, when I started to contemplate Nanowrimo, I sat down and analyzed what went wrong every time before....