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Zen Buddhism and Software Development

In the software development world, we love to throw around the word Zen. Python Zen, Emmet was originally called ZenCoding, Agile Zen. It’s everywhere, but I don’t think the average software developer knows what it means beyond “easy” or “flowy”. I’d like to talk about some of the principles of Zen Buddhism and how they apply to the practice of software development, as I see that they map pretty wonderfully and directly between each other, when studied....

Bigots happen in any community

I live in Seattle which is a pretty damn accepting place for all walks of life, and while we do have our occasionally bat-shit crazy moments, in general, I feel safe and welcome in Seattle anywhere I go. As an artist, when among the company of other artists in Seattle, I feel really safe. Maybe it’s the tendency to introspection or self-awareness, but I’ve never met a bigoted creative person....