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Methane Sensor parts have arrived

A while ago I bought this Methane sensor on a whim because it could be used for something interesting, and now comes the interesting. We have a tiki mask in the bathroom as part of our decorations for that room, so I thought, “wouldn’t it be great if when it got really stinky in the bathroom, the tiki mask eyes glowed red, or flashed or something”. So spawned the Tiki Mask of Fart Detection....

Datalogger build day one

I received my Tiny Circuits package on Tuesday, and started playing around with it that night and the next day. They are amazingly easy to work with, except one thing: my big fingers have a hard time screwing the super-tiny nuts onto the bolts to hold them together, but that’s just an annoyance more than anything. Stacking the tinyduino, usb adapter, accelerometer, and sd card shields together, in less than 10 minutes, I had what would eventually be my datalogger....