Sun Mountain Lodge Pano

Four hours away from Seattle is a small, western-themed tourist town called Winthrop. It’s a quaint little place, if you turn off your cynicism for a moment. Everything is themed after the old west, and it lends itself to a laid back attitude and slow movement, and not just because of the heat.

About ten miles from Winthrop, up a winding road, is Sun Mountain Lodge, a resort and spa. When we arrived, a wedding was being setup. We were there for a wedding, but not this wedding. The scenery is breathtaking and the sound of the cicadas is overwhelming, and comforting.

After checking in and getting our bags situated we grabbed some food and then went back to Winthrop to find cowboy stuff because the wedding is a cowboy themed wedding, and we had nothing. I found a nice western-styled shirt that I could see myself wearing again, and the we continue used walking around.

Since it was late, some of the shops were closed, including the one that sells belts with suitably big buckles, so we return to the lodge and watch the sunset which was amazing. I took some pictures.

Since the lodge doesn’t have TVs in the room, but does have Internet, we fired up “Cabin in the Woods” on my ipad because it seemed appropriate. I fell asleep half way through.

The sun rises early during the summer, and it starts to stream into the room at about 4am, but I stay in bed until 8. Shower, coffee, and then breakfast at the lodge dining room. Back to the room to kill some time, and have a close encounter of the deer kind.

Deer In the Lodge

After a leisurely morning, we pack up, check out, and head back to Winthrop in search of large belt buckles. I find a belt and buckle set with eagles on them, so I buy them, and we grab a quick bite to eat at a bakery, and then with plenty of time to kill, we go in search of fruit for the wedding.

The nearest real store is in Twisp, so we drive the ten miles to the store and load up on berries, grapes, and bananas and pick up a bottle of Syrah, also.

Drive up the “primitive” road to the cabin, and my car is covered in dust. After a couple of bad parking attempts, we prep the fruit for the wedding. People arrive, and ceremony is short, but loving, and I tear up a little, thankful for my sunglasses. Food, drinking, and merriment, we then we are back on the road home.

We decide to take the scenic route by way of Leavenworth. In a single day we go from old west to Bavarian village. We eat French crepes before heading back on the road and finally arriving home.