So I decided on motors and a flight controller, now all that is left are the ESCs and a battery charger.


I’m on the fence about these. Technically they will work, but have literally no shaft, so I’m not sure if my props will work with them. Luckily, props are cheap, so stay tuned.

They look like this (click picture to go to HobbyKing, if you are following along at home):


Flight Controller

The flight controller is an important part of a quadcopter and there are tons of choices from cheap to really expensive, from open source to military classified. I went on the cheap, open source route, and picked the MultiWii, which was literally designed with multiple wiimotes.


This board combines multiple wiimotes into a single board with some good features like being able to add pan/tilt control for the camera at a later date.


  • Motors x4 - $63
  • MultiWii Flight Controller - $27.77
  • Shipping - $4.18
  • Order Total - $94.95
  • Project Total - $205.08

I’m a little over-budge considering the ESCs will run about $40, and the charger will about $50, but I think it’s okay because it is “future-ready” for when I decide to upgrade it. The MultiWii can handle up to 8 motors.. which is definitely in my future.