As part of my work’s Maker group, we are building quadcopters, so I’m going to document and record what I do to build my quadcopter, so that maybe it can help you build one if you so chose.

My goal for the quadcopter is to be able to take video and photos using a GoPro. Since I don’t have the GoPro yet, I’ll use my contour for my testing because I don’t care if it crashes and burns or gets lost since it’s considerably cheaper than the GoPro.

DISCLAIMER: I’ve never done this before, so I’ll probably screw something up, and I’ll post updates to these posts as I learn and correct things.

So let’s pick out the parts!


For the frame, I really wanted to have the ability to mount a small camera to it, so that was a serious consideration when picking a frame. I wanted enough skid clearance so that it doesn’t land on the camera, which limited my choices.

After considering a number of different options, I picked the Turnigy HAL Quadcopter Frame from HobbyKing. $36.03. And it looks something like this:


Flight Mechanism

The motors and the props are next, and I went with what was recommended by oddcopter, the Slow Fly Electric 9047SF. They come in packs of four, so I have four left hand and four right hand.

I’m still working on sourcing the motors since they didn’t have appropriate ones in their US warehouse.


Went with Turnigy 4000mAH 3S 30C Lipo. I didn’t think about looking for a charger, so I’ll need to find a charger, but I’ll probably just buy that locally unless I can find a good deal online.

Control System

I went with the Hobby King 24Ghz 6Ch. I only need four channels right now, BUT, for only $4 more, the six channel will allow me to control the camera gimbal when I decide to put it on.

Current Summary - $110.13