I forgot to order one part! DOH! So my kit is not complete when these orders come in. You need a programming cable for the transmitter. Otherwise, you can’t change the settings. This is the one you need.

The Final Parts

The last pieces needed to put the quad together have been ordered.

Electronic Speed Controller (ESC)

You need four of these bad boys, and I decided to be lazy and order a 4-in-1 ESC that has 4x20A ESCs with BEC (battery elimination cutoff? basically it cuts off the battery so it doesn’t drain too low) The one I picked is the Q-Brain, which looks like the picture below:

Q Brain

The Rest

The only other things you need are an ESC programming card to configure the ESCs. Since the Q-Brain is compatible with the Turnigy Programming Card, That’s what I bought.

And lastly the charger, which any will do, as long as it’s a balanced charger. Since I’m going 3S batteries, I chose the Turnigy one for 2S and 3S batteries It’s simple and cheap, but takes forever to charge the battery. Go with a better one if you can.

Final Parts List, Complete

Grand Total: $237.52 (Not Including Shipping)