Controller Setup

Transmitter Configuration

The first order of business is the bind the receiver to the transmitter and configure the transmitter for . This is necessary since you don’t want stray transmitters to be able to control your quadcopter. I found a pretty good guide for the Hobby King transmitter that I have.

I ended up using t6config because turborix didn’t work correctly on my computer.

The settings that I used are as follows for the different sections:


  • CH1-4 on the left and right, enter 120%
  • CH5-6 on the left and right, enter 100%


  • Check NOR for Channel 1


  • CH1-6 set to Zero (0)


  • CH1 and CH2 on at 100, off at 65
  • CH4 100 for both on and off


Pick model 2 because that’s the appropriate one for the hobby king controller that I’m using.


For type, pick ACRO because it provides the correct signals to the flight controller.


MIX 1 should be set as follows:

  • Source = VR A
  • Des = CH5
  • Up Rate = 100%
  • Down Rate = 100%
  • Switch = ON

MIX 2 should be set as follows:

  • Source = VR B
  • Des = CH6
  • Up Rate = 100%
  • Down Rate = 100%
  • Switch = ON

MIX 3 should be set as follows:

  • Source = CH1
  • Des = CH1
  • Up Rate = 100%
  • Down Rate = 100%
  • Switch = ON

Switches (Switch and VR)

  • Switch A = Throcut
  • Switch B = DR
  • both VR = NULL

Then press GetUser and your transmitter should be ready to go.


I bound the receiver and then hooked up a servo to test the transmitter and receiver pairing. The process is pretty braindead simple. The receiver comes with a plug that is a loop from signal to ground (outer pins). Find that and follow this procedure.

  1. Insert binding plug into BATT
  2. Insert ESC into CH3
  3. Apply Power to ESC normally
  4. Observe led blinking on receiver
  5. Hold “Bind Range Test” button down on the transmitter
  6. Observe led steady glow

That’s it. Simple.

Programming the ESCs

You need to program the ESC, so we have a programming card. They are programmed using the single 3-pin wire with Red-Black-White. Plug this into the programming card, and apply power to the ESC. Follow the instructions but basically:

  • Turn off bracking
  • Power cut off to slow
  • Everything else left at default

One thing you will have is the ability to select a song that it plays when you arm the flight controller. It’s cute, so I did “End of the World”.


We did a little mechanics getting it together, but we ran out of time and I forgot to take pictures, so I’m going to finish up building it out and testing it on my own so that I can provide guidance when everyone else do their build. I did take some shitty iphone pictures tonight once I got home, which are available below. I’ll take better ones once the quad is finished.