Today, I printed my first object with the makerbot at Makerhaus. It’s a servo bracket for a Futaba S3004 Servo. The idea is to print two of them, and have a pan-tilt head for a laser or something else that’s relatively light, maybe a nerf gun.

It looked like this while it was getting printed:


It is quite a fascinating thing to design something in a virtual world and see it slowly materialize in the physical world. I understand why 3d printing is such a game changer for makers and small businesses.

Lasercutting was my gateway drug into the world of making, but 3d printing is my event horizon, it’s my singularity that forever has changed the way that I look at the world. I’m finally off of my ass and building real things, finally bridging that creation gap between the entirely virtual programming, and the real world.

I expect to unleash a menagerie of robots and gadgets in my near future.