I’ve taken a pledge to be grateful and show gratitude for people in my life. It’s for my quest to be and remain a happy person.

For day two, I wanted to write a longer form version of my gratitude because I have lost touch with this person, and have not be able to find a way to send him a thank you for being awesome.

Today’s person is Millard Harkrider. Mr. Harkrider was my high school computer science teacher, and he was the most influential people I have ever met. I learned way more than assembly and fortran in his classes. I learned Humility. I learned passion. And I learned how to take pleasure in the small things in life.

Mr. Harkrider was cooky, fun, and infectiously pleasent. His classes were filled with stories about his past, the amazing things he did, and jokes, lots and lots of corny jokes.

He was a principal engineer on the apollo moon landing missions and was part of the team who calculated the midflight corrections for the moon landing, basically saving the lives of the astronauts.

Though his class was not easy, and at times, I was frustrated with him, his influence is far reaching in my life. He is a primary reason why I continued in computer science, and continued in a career that developed me into a pretty decent software developer.

Mr. Harkrider, I thank you for being such an amazing person. If you ever stumble upon this, please know that you have had a lasting effect on my life.