I’m making a platformer game based on something out of the DCU that I’ll be releasing on PC/MAC (mac currently, but porting to windows will be “easy”). The first step to most platformer games is getting the player movement and physics to feel good.

That’s what I’m working on right now. I decided to build many things from scratch and the physics engine is one of them, which means research, lots of research.

This is a research post for the articles that I’m reading to figure out how to build a good platformer physics engine. I will probably release some parts of this game as open source, if I can pull a fully baked tool/engine out of it. We’ll see.

Here are some good articles and links on platformer physics that I’ve found.

I’ll probably write some articles as I figure everything out. This is my first game, so it’ll probably be in the form of “Here’s what I fucked up, so you don’t have to fuck it up”.