I’m going to attempt to use the concept of “The First 20 Hours” to learn how to draw. I want to be able to sketch out product designs in a manner that industrial designers do when developing new products.

This type of drawing has a very distinctive style that is used to communicate design intent as well as hinting at assembly.

Right now, I’m starting the process of skill decomposition to determine what I need to learn in order to become proficient. Once I have done this, I will identify a study, practice, and testing protocol for getting better and making it a subconscious skill.

If you have any suggestions on what you would consider an essential skill for this style of drawing, please let me know via social media, and I’ll definitely check it out!

List of Resources currently investigating

Future Plans

Industrial Design Sketching is only the first goal. Additionally, I would like to learn to do webcomics in a distinctive style, which I’ll tackle as a separate skill because it is fundamentally different.