I have too much stuff. I definitely recognize that I have too much stuff for the space that I live in, to be able to find what I actually use, and to be able to live a comfortable and simple life. That has to change.

Sure sure, everyone has new years resolutions, and things that they decide they want to do, need to change, etc. This certainly is one of those posts, but I’m going to be rational about it. I know it won’t happen next year, or the year afterwards, but I will take small steps to simplifying to life through out the year.

The first place I’m going to tackle is my bookshelf. Tons of books that I never look at, don’t use, or just generally keep for some reason, so that’s the first thing I’m going to tackle. I’m working on a site called [] which will allow me to give a list of everything I’m trying to sell or give away, and people can claim it. It’s about 80% done right now. The last parts are the registration system and the “claiming/waitlisting” system. Once those are done, I’m going to start cataloging all of the things I’d like to get rid of.

The other big step that I’m going to take is the One-In, One-Out rule. When I buy something new, I will get rid of something of the same thing so that I end up with a zero-sum. This will help stop the accumulation, so that I can continue leaking things back out into the world.

Photo from François Angers, under the Creative Commons License